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Clinical Supervision

Supervision offers an extra set of eyes on the well-being of the client while examining and exploring the dynamics of the relationship and the wider contexts. It’s an essential safeguard against subconscious bias, such as personal prejudice, difference and our own behaviours which might skew the relationship between counsellor and client. Supervision provides a working relationship based on trust and respect. It can be supportive and challenging, encouraging both professional and personal development.


‘Supervision is a joint endeavour in which a practitioner with the help of a supervisor attends to their client practitioner relationships and the wider systemic content by so doing improves their client relationships, continuously develops themselves, their practice and the wider profession.’ Hawkins & Shohet (2006).


I work with both trainee and qualified counsellors/psychotherapists to offer support with client work and personal and professional development. By offering supervision and psychotherapy in an integrative model, I can support your ethical practice, your client work and ensure that you are working within your own professional limits.


I work within GP surgery environments, in private practice and in volunteer settings, working with adults and teenagers. I have also worked with individuals with disabilities.


I offer a discount to trainee counsellors and can accommodate groups of up to four trainees to further reduce costs.

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