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Workplace Training

A healthy change means healthier profits


Look around you. How many of your employees are overweight or obese? How many eat lunch at their desks or snack on high-fat and sugary foods? How many regularly go sick? Avoid exercise like the plague? Appear permanently set on ‘Go Slow’?


Obesity and unhealthy living take their toll on sufferers both physically and psychologically. They hit businesses’ bottom lines hard. Yours is quite likely to be one of them.


Falling productivity, rising absenteeism, higher employee insurance costs, and even costly anti-discrimination actions under the Equality Act 2010 can be put down in no small measure to obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. It’s clearly important to find ways to control obesity and promote wellness in your workplace for the benefit of staff – all staff, and your business.

Health Actions make battling obesity our No 1 priority with a first-class health and wellbeing program that your staff will enjoy. It fuses the most up-to-date knowledge from the health and fitness industry with psychological insights from the Transactional Analysis theory of personality.

Lesley Snowdon, Personal Trainer and Psychotherapist, with 30 years’ experience now specialises in weight management training and runs the workshops. “Our success rate is impressive and we’re often swamped by letters of thanks – many from employers” she proudly notes.

Everyone, of all weights, shapes and sizes in your employ, will benefit from Health Actions Workshops.

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