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Counsellor  |  Supervisor  |  Personal Trainer  |   Diet Coach

Counselling offers you a safe, friendly environment to talk about issues without fear of judgement. It can help whether you are experiencing a crisis or wish to deepen self-awareness, by developing options for changing negative behaviours and improving the way you relate to others.

Personal Trainer

Ever thought, “I want to get fit -

but have no idea where to start?”  

Spent weeks training and resisting tempting foods only to find little or no improvements in your body? 


That’s where a personal trainer can help. Offering expertise and motivation you’ll see immediate improvements.

Diet Coach

Have you ‘Tried Every Diet?’

Diet Coaching courses are for people who struggle to lose weight or find it hard to maintain weight loss once they have achieved it.


A solution for those who have given up dieting, but are still not happy in their own skin.

Having problems in a relationship?

Need help to communicate with each other?

In today's modern society  it is common for couples to become strained in their relationship. Talking with a specialist can help break negative patterns and restore some balance.

Therapy Sessions
About me...

Lesley is unique in the field of health and wellbeing, being qualified in both personal training and psychotherapy. She has over thirty years’ experience in the fitness industry as an advanced personal trainer and over fifteen years’ experience as a fully qualified psychotherapist, specialising in obesity management.


The purpose of clinical supervision is to provide a safe and confidential environment for counsellors, both qualified and trainee, to reflect upon and discuss their work.


It works by supporting counsellors in their personal and professional development and reflecting on their practice in order to maintain standards in client care.

Exercise is therapy for the body,

therapy is exercise for the brain

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Lesley Snowdon was recommended to me by Bupa after I was identified has having anxiety and depression. I was not expecting the sessions to have any impact, and to be honest I was a little sceptical. After meeting Lesley my concerns were quickly put at ease because of her ability to balance her professional training and in-depth experience with a warm and honest personality. Lesley was key in getting my life back on track, and I would always recommend her for anyone currently suffering emotionally. 

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